Training Services:


David Glick and his company, Triad EduPsych, PC prides itself on providing high quality training which achieves results. The term “EduPsych” implies the strong inter-connection between education and psychology which we embrace. As with our consulting services, our training focus is on utility, problem solving and most importantly application. Currently, David and Triad provide training for businesses medical and mental health professionals and law enforcement and public safety staff. Please also consult Triad's LinkedIn profile for information about our training services. Please click on the link below for information about the professional training services you need:

  • Training for Law Enforcement & Public Safety
  • Training For Mental Health Professionals
  • Training for Healthcare and Human Service Organizations
  • Training for Businesses and other for Profit Enterprises

Executive Coaching:

With the advent of downsizing, rightsizing, globalization and the great recession, climbing the corporate latter has never been harder or more complicated. From complex problem solving to handling the office bully to making sense of the recent “corporate change initiative." The need for behavioral competencies has never been greater.   David Glick has been able to help many professionals, aspiring managers, and C-level executives achieve their goals, working in the employee assistance field since 1994.   David's approach is a combination of psychology, game theory and general street smarts which enables the client to understand and most importantly apply a variety of advanced techniques giving them the edge in any corporate or organizational group.



Workplace Violence Prevention 101:
(Half Day) This training provides participants with a basic understanding of Workplace Violence.  Covered areas include: Workplace violence prevention, response and recovery.  Psychology of both perpetrators and the victims is presented.  Liability factors for employers, supervisors, colleagues are explored.  HR strategies are offered as well.  Three case studies are presented.  

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