"Our family began seeing David Glick over the summer of 2007. We were seeking help with our son who was having difficulties getting along with his peers. He had been the victim of teasing and some mild bullying and needed help with the anxiety that went along with those problems, as well as his being highly impulsive and prone to outbursts of anger when frustrated. David was the 2nd therapist we saw. The first therapist was not a good fit for our family, but Mr. Glick turned out to be the answer to our prayers. He is warm and personable, has an excellent rapport with our son, who considers Mr. Glick to be "deeply cool" (his words, not mine!) and he has made every effort to accommodate our hectic schedule with regards to our sessions with him. The progress our son has made in 6 months has been truly remarkable. Teachers, friends, as well as his classmates, have all seen a marked improvement in his behavior, and we give full credit to Mr. Glick for this transformation. His family based approach to therapy has given all of us the skills we need to guide our son through the turbulence of the preteen years - skills that he will be able to use all his life. We're very grateful to David and would confidently refer anyone to him."

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