"In February 2011, I hired David Glick as an executive coach as one of my customers made false allegations against me.  These allegations potentially could have caused me to be fired as my boss clearly had bought into these charges.  David analyzed the situation brilliantly and fast.  First, David gave me tools to stabilize the situation, buying valuable time.  Then David worked with me to discover hidden behavior patterns, agendas and other factors about the customer making these serious complaints.  As a result, I was able to present a powerful case to my boss, empowered to pinpoint and expose the erratic and illusive nature of  the customer's communication and it became clear that the customer had a hidden agenda which was detrimental to the success of both my company and her's.   Once the customer behavior was changed, I was successful in growing the same customer’s business by 30% which translated to $1.2 million in profit versus the
previous year.  David has been an excellent coach. That is why I fully support his work and would enthusiastically recommend him for any executive coaching role."

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