Behavioral Services for Individuals, Children & Families:

Psychotherapy for Adults:

With adults an approach which combines cognitive and behavioral techniques with object relations theories is used. The work initially aims to extinguish the major stressors a person is facing and once these presenting issues are firmly under control the clinical work focuses on family of origin and other analytic factors to facilitate growth, healing and most importantly, a new sense of empowerment for the person as a result of the process.   Adult specialities include: Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, Depression and Work/Life Conflicts.


Internet & Video Game Addiction:


Over the past decade internet and other on-line misuse has become a wide-spread problem.  One university study estimated that nearly one in eight Americans suffer from at least one symptom of problematic internet use. Our staff has been working extensively with both adults and children with this disorder.  Our very effective treatment approach utilizes a three pronged approach incorporating motivation, family and behavioral strategies.  David Glick also presents seminars on this topic focusing on the internet's role in trauma, conflict, communication and relationships.  


Applied Behavior Analysis


Applied Behavior Analysis, referred to as ABA, is a very effective form of therapy which evaluates behaviors in an objective and scientific manner and then aims to modify and change problematic behaviors through a variety of techniques.  David has been practicing Applied Behavior Analysis with many different populations since 1996 in a variety of settings from school classrooms to homes to facilities.  

Executive Coaching:

With the advent of downsizing, rightsizing, globalization and the great recession, climbing the corporate latter has never been harder or more complicated. From complex problem solving to handling the office bully to making sense of the recent “corporate change initiative." The need for behavioral competencies has never been greater.   David Glick has been able to help many professionals, aspiring managers, and C-level executives achieve their goals, working in the employee assistance field since 1994.   David's approach is a combination of psychology, game theory and general street smarts which enables the client to understand and most importantly apply a variety of advanced techniques giving them the edge in any corporate or organizational group.

Psychotherapy for Children & Adolescents:

Our practice was originally formed to serve the needs of children and adolescents struggling with a variety of issues.  Our executive director, David Glick has extensive experience in special education as well as counseling.  Presently, mainly at our Marietta location, we have a strong focus on the needs of  children and adolescents.  The practice specializes in integrating applied behavioral approaches with other traditional methods of counseling resulting in more effective outcomes than traditional counseling alone.   We also serve a large numer of children and adolescents with special needs, ranging from learning disabilites, to ADD to Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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