Services for Organizations and Professionals:


Workplace Violence Prevention, Response & Recovery

The issue of workplace violence and its prevention has become of critical importance to organizations worldwide. Incidents such as Virginia Tech, Columbine and various others have made this issue front and center for many organizations. David Glick and his associate Stephen Weed have extensive experience helping people and organizations prevent, respond and recover from incidents of workplace violence and natural disasters. Triad offers a variety of services to organizations from a basic consultation to a 360 degree assessment to specialized trainings all aimed at prevention, response and recovery from workplace violence and other critical incidents.

Impaired Professionals:

The demands of today's workplace are immense.  Often even skilled professionals such as lawyers, doctors, nurses, police officers and teachers can encounter extreme stress in their lives.  Sometimes as a result of a variety of factors, professionals will turn to alcohol or drugs or engage in destructive behaviors, hurting themselves, their families and their careers.  If the person is in a profession which is licensed or regulated by a state board or other outside entity, these issues can become compounded.  At Triad we have a successful track record of helping professionals who have become impaired or incapacitated by emotional issues and or substance abuse.  Using a whole person approach and collaborating with a vast network of affiliated professionals we are able to help people re-claim their lives and careers coming out stronger as a result. We also have experience testifying before tribunals, hearings and other regulating bodies.    

Organizational Consulting:

Organizations by their very nature constantly have to change, grow and respond to situations.
David Glick has been a troubleshooter throughout his entire career and has a proven track record. David and his associated staff help organizations large and small respond to unexpected changes in their environment, either responding to a crisis or taking their current operations to a more advanced level. We are almost always able to improve any situation. David and his staff will stay with a problem long enough to make the progress that the client organization needs, but will not stay longer than necessary, ensuring a smooth transition.



Executive & Professional Coaching:
With the advent of constant change, a more competitive and demanding work environment throughout all sectors of the economy, organizational work has never been more complicated. As a result, the need to manage and lead employees has never been more important. Senior managers across all industries report frustration with their junior managers and other staff who lack competency in relationship building, people handling skills and a variety of other behavioral competencies. Our Executive and Professional Coaching service closes this skill gap and empowers staff to understand and most importantly apply advanced people handling, leadership and management concepts. Our approach is a combination of applied psychology, group psychology and game theory. David Glick has completed MBA coursework in organizational behavior and traveled the country as a troubleshooter and trainer dedicated to addressing and fixing these issues.

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